Commercial law services

Work with a team who make dealing with business legal issues easy.

At Lara Legal we can assist you with

  • Debt recovery
  • Contract disputes
  • Corporations law matters
  • Competition and consumer law claims
  • Franchising disputes
  • Will disputes and estate litigation
  • Professional negligence
  • And any general insolvency matters

Whether your dispute is in the early stages or has progressed to court, whether it involves recovering an outstanding debt or complex questions of law, Lara Legal provides experience to deal with your matter in a tactical, calm and cost-effective manner providing options and outcomes suited to your specific needs and circumstances.

At Lara Legal, we can assist you with any stage of the dispute process including: negotiation; letters of demand; statement of claim; drafting court documents; representation in court; and advice and assistance on running QCAT matters.


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