The DRC was established on 5 April 2019, its purpose being to examine the reasons why people with a disability are experiencing violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation and finding ways to prevent and protect people from having these experiences in the future. The DRC’s remit covers all settings including, homes, boarding houses, schools and support organisations and institutions.

The DRC recognises the vast and complex task required to achieve significant and transformational change and they are now seeking contributions to be made by way of submission. A submission is an opportunity for you to share your story and experiences, as well as your expertise and knowledge, about what can work and what changes are needed to promote a more inclusive society.

There will possibly be two public hearings taking place by the end of the year focusing on education & learning and homes & living including the use of restrictive practices (think being locked in cages and cupboards), exclusion of students with a disability from the education system and issues arising from the types of housing being offered.

National Legal Aid (NLA) will provide a free national legal advisory service for people engaging with the DRC. NLA are currently registering contact details and the helpline will provide basic information, assistance and referrals. You can contact NLA on 1800 771 800 between 8.30am-5pm AEST.

Also available is the legal financial assistance scheme, which aims to help individuals and entities meet the costs of legal representation and disbursements associated with formal engagement with the DRC. For further information and eligibility visit:

If you have an interest in becoming involved or contributing to the DRC go to their website:

If you would like assistance or further information, please contact Bernadette at Lara Legal.